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Your kitchen assistant
Food Safety Compliance
Inventory & Warehouse Management

If you are a restaurant aiming for high-quality standards and growth, iQOps is your ideal partner:

  1. Maintaining high-quality standards across all operations.
  2. Expanding with multiple locations.
  3. Managing restaurant groups efficiently.
  4. Planning to franchise your unique restaurant concept.
Welcome to iQOps
iQOps is designed for establishments looking to scale up, whether through increasing locations, expanding into franchises, or simply enhancing operational efficiency.
Improve your production operations with iQOps. Our platform integrates essential elements of production planning, purchase order management, invoicing, for a comprehensive operational workflow.
Production Planning:
Coordinate your production schedules for optimal output and resource utilization.
Purchase Orders:
Streamline your procurement process with a systematic approach to creating, monitoring, and managing purchase orders.
Enhance your billing operations with automated invoice generation, tracking, and reconciliation, leading to time savings and reduced discrepancies.
Transform your business operations with the power of AI.

iQOps AI Assistants provide intelligent support, making complex tasks simple and ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.
AI Assistants:
Revolutionizing operations
Precise Item Tracking:
Monitor your inventory with unmatched accuracy. Track items by lot and even by specific bin locations, ensuring you always know where your products are.
Internal Transfers:
Improve your operational efficiency with the ability to move items within your warehouse. Our system records each transfer, maintaining accurate stock levels and location data.
Master your inventory and warehouse operations with iQOps. Our platform provides real-time visibility and intelligent automation to keep your business running smoothly.
Barcode Scanning:
Simplify inventory management with our intuitive barcode scanning feature. Use your phone to scan items, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

Receiving & Shipping:
Simplify your inbound and outbound processes with intuitive receiving and shipping forms, minimizing errors and saving time.
Recipe & Formulation Management:
Maintain consistency and quality with detailed recipe forms, ensuring each product meets your exact standards.
Inventory Tracking:
Monitor stock levels accurately, ensuring you have what you need, when you need it.
With iQOps, invest in your team's growth and watch your business flourish.
Video Training: Elevate your team's potential

Transform your workforce with iQOps' video training modules, where well-trained employees become your biggest asset.
Streamlined Onboarding:
Equip your team with the knowledge they need from day one. Quickly integrate new hires with targeted, interactive video sessions.
Certification Tracking:
Easily manage and monitor staff certifications, ensuring industry standards are met.
Career Development:
Offer continuous learning opportunities to motivate and retain top talent within your team.
Ensuring Food Safety
Digital Record-Keeping
Convert piles of paperwork into organized, searchable digital formats for quick access and review.
Breeze through any department of health audit with ease.

Our system supports variances and HACCP plans for special processes like sous vide, fermentation, ice cream, juice, and sushi.
Audit Readiness
Organized records make audits straightforward.
Food Safety
Regulatory Updates
Automatically sync with the latest food safety standards, adapting to changing regulations.
Leverage chef-designed
operational efficiency
With us, you're not just building a business; you're building a legacy. Let's make it happen together!
  • Partner with a Culinary Genius
    We connect you with the expertise of a top-tier chef, transforming their kitchen wisdom into straightforward guidance for your business.
  • Tap into Smart AI Systems
    Our AI tools take the chef's strategies and turn them into simple, user-friendly assistants that help you manage your daily operations with ease.
  • Streamline Like a Pro Kitchen
    Just as a chef organizes a kitchen for peak efficiency, our systems help you streamline your processes, making everything run smoother and faster.
  • Access Chef-Designed Operational Systems
    Each elite chef works with us beforehand to craft individualized top-notch operational systems. When you choose a chef, you gain instant access to this gold standard of operational efficiency, complete with our innovative software, the chef's expertise, and a full support team dedicated to your success.
Start your iQOps journey
Connect with us for personalized support and to discover how AI can revolutionize your business operations.
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