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Robert Sulatycky
Bring together the culinary experience of Robert Sulatycky with the innovation of iQOps, we’re transforming the way chefs and restaurateurs view and interact with kitchen management.

Our dynamic platform maries bespoke consultancy with groundbreaking software, addressing the needs of modern-day food operations with precision and flair.
Robert Sulatycky
Chef Robert Sulatycky is a highly experienced culinary professional with a remarkable track record spanning over 30 years.

Throughout his career, he has honed his skills in renowned kitchens across the globe, establishing himself as a leading figure in the culinary world. His expertise extends to winning prestigious cooking competitions, demonstrating his profound understanding of fundamental cooking techniques and creating quality standards in the hospitality industry.
Introducing your culinary innovator
1999 - 2000
The Wedgewood Hotel
Vancouver BC
1999 - 2013
Bocuse d'Or
Team Canada
2000 - 2002
Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

2002 - 2005
Four Seasons Hotel
2005- 2010
The Beverly Hills Hotel & Hotel Bel Air
Four Seasons Private Residences Los Angeles at Beverly Hills
2021- 2022
Rosewood Sand Hill, Menlo Park, CA
Madera Restaurant
2023- 2014
Head Coach team USA Bocuse d'Or.
Your kitchen
AI Assistants
iQOps offer automation and intelligent support, simplifying complex tasks and keeping your restaurant ahead of the curve.
Enhance your production operations using iQOps. Our platform integrates key aspects of production planning, recipes, purchase orders, and invoicing for a complete operational workflow.
Food Safety Compliance
Our system assists you with food safety compliance by managing variances and HACCP plans, including record-keeping for special processes such as sous vide, fermentation, ice cream, juice, and sushi.
Video Training
Empower your restaurant staff with iQOps' video training modules, custom recipe videos, HACCP training, and turn well-trained employees into your greatest assets.

Optimize your recipe development process with iQOps, providing comprehensive support at every stage from initial concept to full commercialization.
iQOps connects with your existing platforms, from POS systems to accounting software.
Consulting Services
Menu development and recipe R&D and standardization from fast-casual concept through to Michelin Star level cuisine. Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Recipe Design / Menu Development
Invigorating current restaurants with a culinary refresh or redo to full re-concept, from a design visual perspective through to complete back of house and kitchen re-design.
Visual Design - Rebranding, Redigisn
Curating exceptional selection of wine ans spirits, while engineering beverage menu design and offerings to maximize profitability.
Wine & Beverage Programs
Utilizing the lasts in kitchen software and custom-designed operating systems to bring quality consistency to all levels of culinary operations.
Operating Systems
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With the guidance of Chef Robert Sulatycky, your establishment isn't just serving food — it's embracing a saga of gastronomic brilliance and efficiency.
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