Supply Chain Simplified
Unify and automate your entire supply chain operations
Supply chain management is critical in the food industry, encompassing the processes and activities involved in sourcing, producing, distributing, and delivering food products.

A complex network of processes that ensures the safety and quality of our food. That is why we created a system the can unify all your operations in one place.
Master your inventory and warehouse operations with iQOps. Our platform provides real-time visibility and intelligent automation to keep your business running smoothly.

Inventory Tracking:
Monitor stock levels accurately, ensuring you have what you need, when you need it.
Recipe & Formulation Management:
Maintain consistency and quality with detailed recipe forms, ensuring each product meets your exact standards.
Receiving & Shipping:
Simplify your inbound and outbound processes with intuitive receiving and shipping forms, minimizing errors and saving time.
iQOps transforms your warehouse into a hub of efficiency and precision. Embrace full traceability, advanced scanning technology, and user-friendly features that set our system apart in warehouse management.
Precise Item Tracking:
Monitor your inventory with unmatched accuracy. Track items by lot and even by specific bin locations, ensuring you always know where your products are.
Internal Transfers:
Improve your operational efficiency with the ability to move items within your warehouse. Our system records each transfer, maintaining accurate stock levels and location data.

Barcode Scanning:
Simplify inventory management with our intuitive barcode scanning feature. Use your phone to scan items, eliminating the need for additional hardware.
Effortless Shipping:
Streamline your outbound processes with easy scanning functionality. Ensure every shipment is accurate and fully traceable, building trust and reliability.
Digital Record-Keeping:
Convert piles of paperwork into organized, searchable digital formats for quick access and review.
Audit Readiness:
Organized records make audits straightforward.
Food safety is critical from production to plate. iQOps keeps you compliant with key standards like HACCP, HARPC, GFSI (SQF, IFS, FSSC22000), safeguarding public health and your company’s reputation.
Regulatory Updates:
Automatically sync with the latest food safety standards, adapting to changing regulations.
Food Safety
Aligning with the FDA's Rule, Traceability is indispensable for businesses managing food product. It simplifies the maintenance of detailed records, necessary for tracking food movements, while enhancing response efficiency to any safety alerts.

iQOps assures each product's journey is transparent and traceable across the supply chain.
Transparent Tracking
Maintain clear visibility of product movements, meeting the FDA's Traceability Rule and simplifying record-keeping.
Improved Recall Responses
Enable fast and precise recalls if safety concerns arise.
Compliance Assurance
Record maintenance and tracking, improving your response to safety alerts and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
Quality Assurance
Operational Excellence with iQOps.

Our system ensures that your operations are not just efficient, but also adhere to the highest quality standards.
Improved Monitoring:
iQOps proactively monitors your operations, ensuring that every phase of your process aligns with quality and safety standards.
Process Optimization:
Our platform refines your workflows, eliminating inefficiencies and reinforcing best practices for consistent excellence.
Reliable Execution:
Our system makes sure each task is executed with the highest accuracy.
Staying compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) necessitates rigorous supplier verification, ensuring the integrity of your food supply chain.
Supplier Verification:
Conduct evaluations to confirm the credibility and quality standards of each supplier, solidifying trust in your supply chain.
Browse and Connect:
Navigate and establish connections with suppliers through our user-friendly database, simplifying your procurement process.
Real-Time Data:
Access real-time information, keeping supplier data and interaction logs are always current and reliable.
Transform your workforce with iQOps's video modules; educational courses, training programs, materials or learning and development programs. You can chose each couse depending on the role of each employee.
Streamlined Onboarding:
Quickly integrate new hires with interactive video sessions, essential SOPs, and internal practice training, setting a solid foundation from day one.
HACCP Certification:
Facilitate staff certification in critical areas like HACCP, endorsed by the International HACCP Alliance, ensuring compliance and expertise.
Career Development:
Personalized training programs for your team, encouraging continuous improvement and adaptability in a dynamic industry.
Video Training Section
Learning management software
Improve your production operations with iQOps. Our platform integrates essential elements of production planning, purchase order management, invoicing, for a comprehensive operational workflow.
Production Planning:
Coordinate your production schedules for optimal output and resource utilization.
Purchase Orders:
Streamline your procurement process with a systematic approach to creating, monitoring, and managing purchase orders.
Enhance your billing operations with automated invoice generation, tracking, and reconciliation, leading to time savings and reduced discrepancies.
Revolutionize your product development with iQOps, offering comprehensive support at every stage from initial concept to large-scale production:
Draft Recipes Management:
Store and navigate through recipe drafts easily, fostering an inventive and flexible development environment.
Costing Insights:
Make informed decisions with precise cost analysis, ensuring financial viability and strategic pricing.
Supplier Sourcing:
Leverage iQOps's comprehensive database to source high-quality suppliers, maintaining a standard of excellence for your ingredients.
Transform your business operations with the power of AI.

iQOps AI Assistants provide intelligent support, making complex tasks simple and ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.
AI Assistants:
Revolutionizing operations
Improved Decision-Making:
Leverage AI-driven insights for smarter, data-backed decisions.
Automated Task Handling:
Simplify your operations with workflow automation, ensuring precision and saving valuable time.
Predictive Analytics:
Anticipate market trends and customer needs with advanced predictive models, keeping your business proactive and competitive.
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