Elevate Operations
with hands on leadership with our experts in the industry
In the fast-paced world of culinary arts, are you leveraging technology to stay ahead?
iQOps brings AI-powered insights directly to your kitchen, transforming how you manage your restaurant. From optimizing menu design to simplifying kitchen operations, our AI solutions are designed to improve your daily workflows. Partner with our culinary and tech experts to harness the power of AI, making your restaurant’s operations easier.
Concept menu design
Inventory and cost management
Staff training
Chef Consulting
Robert Sulatycky
Rich Rosendale
Want to maximize your business' potential?
At iQOps, we empower food manufacturers at any stage of their digital transformation journey. Our team of industry experts collaborates with you and your team to ensure that you're leveraging our AI-powered solutions to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure quality control across your production lines. Let us help you optimize your processes and exceed your operational goals.
Lean manufacturing
Supply chain management
Six sigma
Manufacturing Consulting
Compliance Consulting
We help companies at any stage of the supply chain. It doesn't matter where you are on your food safety implementation journey.

Our food safety experts will work with you and your team to ensure that they understand how to run your food safety program and pass your next inspection.
Audit support
HACCP coaching
Training courses
QA manager outsourcing
Starting your compliance journey or aiming to scale your operations?
Access operational excellence with iQOps AI Assistants.
These tools empower you to predict trends, manage resources more effectively, and improve overall productivity. Step into a future where strategic advantage and operational success define your business.
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