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Transforming your business operations
Food Safety Compliance
Ensure compliance effortlessly with our comprehensive food safety management system.
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Video Training
Empower your team with expert-led video training modules for continuous skill development.
Supply Chain Management
Unify and optimize your entire supply chain with real-time visibility and automated coordination, ensuring efficiency from inventory to delivery.
Streamline your operations with advanced, data-driven tools for optimized production workflow.
iQOps simplifies you operations and improves your efficiency with analytics, enabling strategic decisions, expense control, and industry insights, all while facilitating growth beyond staffing limitations.
Ideal for small to medium-sized food industry businesses with teams ranging from 1 to 200 members.

Ideal for startups aiming to grow and businesses scaling their operations.

Offers a straightforward alternative to a full ERP system, ideal for those not ready to make the switch.

Easy to set up and user-friendly, it provides the essential tools for growth without complexity.
Master your inventory and warehouse operations with iQOps.

Our platform provides real-time visibility and intelligent automation to keep your business running smoothly.
Inventory & Warehouse Management:
Precision at every step
Inventory Tracking:
Monitor stock levels accurately, ensuring you have what you need, when you need it.
Recipe & Formulation Management:
Maintain consistency and quality with detailed recipe forms, ensuring each product meets your exact standards.
Receiving & Shipping:
Simplify your inbound and outbound processes with intuitive receiving and shipping forms, minimizing errors and saving time.
Address safety concerns effectively with our accurate recall system, protecting consumers and your brand.
Transparent Tracking
Maintain clear visibility of product movements, meeting the FDA's Traceability Rule and simplifying record-keeping.
Improved Recall Responses
Enable fast and precise recalls if safety concerns arise.
Compliance Assurance
Record maintenance and tracking, improving your response to safety alerts and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
Ensuring Food Safety
Digital Record-Keeping
Convert piles of paperwork into organized, searchable digital formats for quick access and review.
Navigate any food safety standards like HACCP, HARPC, GFSI (SQF, IFS, FSSC 22000) with ease.

Our system supports your commitment to quality and compliance.
Audit Readiness
Organized records make audits straightforward.
Food Safety
Regulatory Updates
Automatically sync with the latest food safety standards, adapting to changing regulations.
Transform your business operations with the power of AI.

iQOps AI Assistants provide intelligent support, making complex tasks simple and ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.
AI Assistants:
Revolutionizing operations
Improved Decision-Making:
Leverage AI-driven insights for smarter, data-backed decisions.
Automated Task Handling:
Simplify your operations with workflow automation, ensuring precision and saving valuable time.
Predictive Analytics:
Anticipate market trends and customer needs with advanced predictive models, keeping your business proactive and competitive.
Video Training: Elevate your team's potential

Transform your workforce with iQOps' video training modules, where well-trained employees become your biggest asset.
Streamlined Onboarding:
Equip your team with the knowledge they need from day one. Quickly integrate new hires with targeted, interactive video sessions.
Certification Tracking:
Easily manage and monitor staff certifications, ensuring industry standards are met.
Career Development:
Offer continuous learning opportunities to motivate and retain top talent within your team.
With iQOps, invest in your team's growth and watch your business flourish.
iQOps database structure

iQOps uses the power of MongoDB, diverging from the traditional database models like SQL Server and standard ERP systems to provide a more dynamic, adaptable data environment.
Integrated Solutions:
iQOps effortlessly connects with your existing platforms, from POS systems to QuickBooks, forming a cohesive operational network.

Our integrations ensure data flows smoothly between systems, optimizing your business processes and providing a unified view of your operations.
Unifying your business tools
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