Ensure Compliance and Agility Across Your Organization
Food Safety
Navigating compliance is tough; endless regulations and the paper trail to match.

Remember the pre-audit scramble? We do too. That stress inspired iQOps' Food Safety Compliance Section
Audit Readiness:
Organized records make audits straightforward.
Digital Record-Keeping:
Convert piles of paperwork into organized, searchable digital formats for quick access and review.
Regulatory Updates:
Automatically sync with the latest food safety standards, adapting to changing regulations.
Traceability and recall exercises:
Implement robust traceability systems and conduct recall exercises effectively
Task management:
Coordinate and manage food safety tasks efficiently and accurately
AI integration
Deploy AI assistants specialized in HACCP, SQF, and environmental monitoring
Aligning with the FDA's rule, traceability is indispensable for businesses managing food product. It simplifies the maintenance of detailed records, necessary for tracking food movements, while enhancing response efficiency to any safety alerts.

iQOps assures each product's journey is transparent and traceable across the supply chain.
Transparent Tracking
Maintain clear visibility of product movements, meeting the FDA's Traceability Rule and simplifying record-keeping.
Improved Recall Responses
Enable fast and precise recalls if safety concerns arise.
Compliance Assurance
Record maintenance and tracking, improving your response to safety alerts and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
Quality Control
Operational excellence with iQOps.

Our system ensures that your operations are not just efficient, but also adhere to the highest quality standards.
Improved Monitoring:
iQOps proactively monitors your operations, ensuring that every phase of your process aligns with quality and safety standards.
Process Optimization:
Our platform refines your workflows, eliminating inefficiencies and reinforcing best practices for consistent excellence.
Reliable Execution:
Our system makes sure each task is executed with the highest accuracy.
Simplify your food safety and compliance operations with robust traceability, efficient task management, and real-time regulatory updates to meet industry standards and protect your organization.

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