Streamline Your Traceability and Compliance Efforts
Simplify compliance, enhance traceability, and streamline operations in one platform.
Simplify Compliance and Traceability
Do pre-audit scrambles and endless paperwork slow you down? Step into a seamless world where compliance and operational efficiency coexist.

Our iQOps platform integrates your traceability and compliance needs into a straightforward, user-friendly interface. Organize records, automate data processes, and always stay a step ahead with minimal hassle.
Automated Regulatory Updates:
Automatically synchronize with the latest standards, effortlessly.
Organized Digital Record-Keeping:
Transform piles of paperwork into organized, searchable digital formats for quick access and efficient auditing.
Enhanced Traceability:
Implement robust systems that facilitate easy traceability and effective recall exercises.
Master your supply chain with cutting-edge traceability features. Our system exceeds simple compliance with the FDA's rules by enhancing the visibility and accuracy of every product journey from start to finish. With automatic data capture and precise tracking, managing your products' lifecycle becomes effortless.
Advanced Traceability at Your Fingertips
Automated KDE Capture: Automatically capture and store Key Data Elements from each Critical Tracking Event, ensuring your repository is comprehensive and audit-ready without manual entry errors.
Transparent Tracking:
Ensure absolute clarity over operations, keeping all products accounted for at each stage.
Efficient Recall Processes: Activate quick and accurate product recalls, maintaining consumer trust and meeting regulatory compliance with ease.
Operational Excellence and Assured Compliance
Where regulatory compliance meets operational excellence, our platform enhances your processes for maximum efficiency and undisputed quality.

From monitoring alerts to optimizing workflows, our system ensures every task supports the highest quality and safety standards.
Proactive Monitoring and Alerts:
Receive instant updates and interventions, making sure your operations constantly align with safety and quality expectations.
Workflow Optimization:
Reduce inefficiencies and bolster best practices throughout your production lines to maintain consistent operational excellence.
Automated Task Execution:
Ensure each operational task is carried out with exceptional accuracy, every time.
Simplify your food safety and compliance operations with robust traceability, efficient task management, and real-time regulatory updates to meet industry standards and protect your organization.

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