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(up to 30 users)
(+ $2.99 per user)
Pricing Plan

    Real-Time Tracking:

    Keep an eye on your stock levels in real time to ensure you never run out of essential items.

    Warehouse Locations Management:

    Efficiently manage multiple warehouse locations to streamline operations.

    Bar code/QR code scanning:

    Scan your bar codes or QR codes quickly without human error.

    FIFO deduction of Raw Materials:

    Automatically deduct inventory based on FIFO.

    $260 (up to 30 users)

    Digital Reporting:

    Keep all your reports and data digitally for easy access and organization.

    Food Safety Templates:

    Utilize pre-designed forms to ensure your food safety standards are met.

    Schedule Tasks For Your Employes:

    Easy module for set up tasks for operators.


    Lot Code Tracking:

    Track lot codes for all your products to ensure full traceability.

    $59 (up to 30 users)

    Comprehensive Lessons:

    Access a variety of lessons covering SOPs, SSOPs, and best practices.

    Training Scores:

    Score your training to assess progress and comprehension.

    Role-Specific Courses:

    Offer specific courses tailored to each role within your organization.

Simplify your food safety and compliance operations with robust traceability, efficient task management, and real-time regulatory updates to meet industry standards and protect your organization.

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