Inventory Control, Simplified
Take control of your stock levels with the power of AI. Say goodbye to over and understocking as iQOps calculates and maintains ideal inventory with precision.
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Video Training
Empower your team with expert-led video training modules for continuous skill development.
Food Safety Compliance
Ensure compliance effortlessly with our comprehensive food safety management system.
Inventory Management
Efficiently manage and optimize your inventory with real-time tracking and automated controls.
Streamline your operations with advanced, data-driven tools for optimized production workflow.
Our innovative software acts as your personal team of experts, dedicated to turbocharging your operations. Dive into AI-powered business insights: unlimited reports, real-time expert analysis, and data-driven conclusions that answer your most pressing questions.
Experience the Ultimate Business Transformation
Whether it's optimizing spend, forecasting costs, or needing industry expert advice, our solution provides the insights you need to make bold decisions confidently. Say goodbye to manpower shortages and hello to a future of endless possibilities with our game-changing software by your side.
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Business Operations:
Your Virtual Expert Team Awaits
Empower Your Decisions with Unparalleled Insights
Streamlined Operational Workflow
Unlock Full Inventory Visibility
Experience a transparent view of your entire inventory ecosystem with iQOps. Benefit from a system that consistently aligns stock with demand, providing full control to make strategic operational decisions with confidence.
Team Efficiency and Growth
Enhance Productivity Across the Board
Elevate your team's performance with iQOps. Utilize intelligent task assignments and real-time sync to drive productivity. Our platform fosters skill development, making your team more agile and better equipped for growth.
Organized and Accessible Operations
Centralization for Peak Efficiency
Eliminate the clutter of disparate systems with iQOps, where all your operation essentials come together. Access documents and manage workflows easily, reducing time spent on searching and increasing operational speed.
Streamline Your Inventory Management
Adopt AI precision and see the difference in stock maintenance, operational transparency, and resource optimization. Begin your journey to more strategic inventory management with iQOps.
The Benefits
of Choosing iQOps
AI-Powered Inventory Balance
Achieve optimal stock levels that meet demand without excess.
Clear Operational View
Stay informed with a dashboard that reflects real-time inventory status.
Elevated Team Output
Empower staff with tools that simplify tasks and promote upskilling.
Unified Operation Hub
Keep all your operational data and tasks neatly organized in one accessible location.
Reinvent Your
Business Operations
Witness the seamless integration of AI with your inventory management.

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The iQOps
  • Accuracy You Can Trust: Rely on precise stock management that supports your business's success.

  • Intuitive Integration: Smoothly incorporate iQOps into existing workflows for immediate impact.

  • Supportive Partnership: Leverage our customer support for seamless system adoption and continuous improvement.

  • Proven Results: Become part of a community of businesses experiencing enhanced efficiency and profitability with iQOps.
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iQOPS All-Access
Standard Bundle
iQOPS Plus
Embrace the beginning of your journey with introductory consulting. This tier includes email and chat support alongside monthly check-ins for performance review and guidance from the iQKitchen's team.
  • Monthly Performance Review & Optimization Guidance
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Access to Virtual Training Modules
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Advanced Bundle
iQOPS Premium
Elevate your experience with more hands-on support. iQOPS Premium offers quarterly in-person training sessions, ongoing coaching, and direct phone support to ensure your kitchen operates at peak efficiency.
*Monthly + iQOPS All-Access
  • Quarterly In-Person Training & Workshops
  • Ongoing Coaching Calls with Expert Consultants
  • Direct Phone Support for Immediate Guidance

Hourly labor rates may be incurred as follows:

  • Nearshore admin support: $25/hour
  • Remote Technical Services: $55/hour

For information on endorsements and PR support, please reach out to us

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Full Partnership
iQOPS Signature
Benefit from full PR endorsement and regular on-site visits, ensuring your kitchen maintains the highest standards and stays ahead of culinary trends.
*Monthly + iQOPS All-Access
  • Full PR Campaign & Marketing Support by iQKitchen
  • Quarterly On-Site Visits for Personalized Training & Support

Hourly labor rates may be incurred as follows:

  • Nearshore admin support: $25/hour
  • Remote Technical Services: $55/hour
  • Culinary Training Services: $155/hour

For information on endorsements and PR support, please reach out to us.

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Discover the
power of iQOps
  • Trusted by leading food manufacturers and processors.
  • User-friendly interface for easy adoption and seamless workflow.
  • Dedicated customer support to assist you every step of the way.
  • Proven track record of improving compliance and boosting profitability.
Compliance Section
Our team is here to guide you to more efficient inventory management. Connect with us for personalized support and to discover how AI can revolutionize your business operations.

Welcome to the future of inventory management.
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